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Episode 27-COVID Contingency with Spencer Terry

July 18th, 2020
Episode 27-COVID Contingency with Spencer Terry
Published 31 May 2020
Hosts: John Schelt, Keoni Hutton, and Leslie Reed
In this episode we welcome Mr. Spencer Terry, General Manager of Fear Factory in Salt Lake City, UT to discuss their COVID-19 Contingency plan and the lessons learned as the first haunted attraction in the world to open in the midst of a global pandemic. 
Resources mentioned during the podcast can be found here: 
Fear Factory’s COVID 19 Contingency Plan: http://fearfactoryslc.com/contingency-plan/
Haunted Attraction Association: https://haa36.wildapricot.org/
0:17 Introduction
3: 40 Status of US COVID Response
8:50 Guest Introduction
12:39 Spencer Terry Joins
13:49 Description of Fear Factory
15:22 Spencer Terry’s Background
20:01 Host’s Background
22:55 Fear Factory’s COVID Plan & Halfway to Halloween Event
29:55 Building the Plan
33:58 COVID’s Effects on Finances
38:44 Replacing Actors with Animatronics
50:29 No-Maskers
54:12 Marketing Safety Plan/Online Ticketing
58:43 Makeup with PPE
1:02:37 Airbrushing Makeup
1:06:24 Sponsor’s React
1:10:29 Where’s the Pushback?
1:14:48 Spencer’s Final Thoughts
1:19:21 Hosts Post-Interview Thoughts
1:23:38 Shoutouts!
Sound Effects:
Music: Dance of Death http://www.purple-planet.com/
Thunder: Recorded by Mark DiAngelo
Uploaded: 07.29.11
License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
Modifications: Inserted over Dance of Death Music
Evil Laughter: Recorded by Himan
Uploaded: 03.13.13
License: Public Domain
Haunting U is a production of Rocky Mountain Home Haunters LLC published under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. All rights reserved
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