Haunting U

A podcast by home-haunters for
home-haunters. Come see how
we turn an idea into the scariest
house on the block.

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The Haunting U podcast was started in 2017 by three friends who could no longer build a haunt together but wanted to keep the haunted spirit alive. We want to share our method of building home haunts to help other home haunters take their haunts to the next level. We've been haunting together for over 20 years and love to share our success and failures with other haunters.

Since its beginning, the podcast has found new purpose as the official podcast of the Chamber of Haunters. While getting the word out about exciting new initiatives the Chamber is undertaking, the partnership opened the door to the haunted attraction industry allowing us to invite professional haunters onto the podcast to deep dive into topics. Their insights help us and our listeners achieve greater scares to wider audiences.


Why advertise on the Haunting U podcast?

Promoting your product or service on our podcast will help increase your visibility with your target audience. Edison Research found that 54% of podcast consumers are more likely to consider the brands they hear advertised on podcasts, compared to 7% who are less likely.  The Haunting U podcast has shown rapid growth over the last year and this is your chance to get in at the ground level.


Targeted audience for a niche market
The Haunting U podcast is a show by home haunters for home haunters trying to break into the professional haunt industry. Every one of our listeners is a die-hard Halloween fan, haunted house fan, or both! We feature haunt owners, actors, and other industry professionals as we document our journey to opening a professional haunt. With listeners all over the world, your future customers are listening.
Sponsorship Levels
Haunted Attraction Partner $12
Get your logo and a link to your website or social media on the Haunting U website for 12 months. We will promote you on our social media too!
Sponsor a Segment $10
We'll mention your brand when introducing the next segment of Haunt Actor of the Month, Haunt of the Month, or Product of the Month. This will remain active on the episode forever and will be heard whether the episode is downloaded the day the its released or a years later.
Sponsor a Whole Episode $25
Send a representative onto the podcast to talk about your new products, deals you are running, or hype for the upcoming season. You'll have a 15 minute dialog with the hosts to talk about whatever news you have to share.
Run an Ad Spot
Every episode has the potential for two 60 second Pre-roll advertisements (before the show), two 90 second mid-roll ads (halfway through the show) and two 60 second post-roll ads (after the show). Ads will run for a month in the selected time slot. The ad can be produced by you or be read by our hosts. We can even create a custom ad to highlight whatever you have coming up next.

Pre-Roll: $5

Mid-Roll: $8

Post-Roll: $4


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Reach out to us and we can work together to find a sponsorship solution that achieves your goals.  You can download our Sponsorship Brochure here.

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